Our Vehicle

  • TC Trucking operate an LEZ compliant Euro 5 DAF 18t box vehicle.
  • The truck is fitted with air suspension and a 1.5t tuck-under tail-lift.
  • The box is fitted with tie-rails floor to roof so that unstable pallets, scenery, furniture, flight cases,  computer equipment, instruments etc can be tied in for load stability during transit.
  • The vehicle can carry 16 standard pallets or 20 euro pallets with pallet truck.
  • The box is 55.89 cubic metres (1974 cu.ft.) and has a payload of 9500 kgs.
  • A pallet truck, sack barrow, blankets, ties and straps are carried at all times unless we are requested not to.


Our vehicle’s professional appearance is very important to us. Many of our customers are pleased that we have not chosen to have it sign written as this gives the appearance that their goods are being delivered by their own truck.


Not only are your goods more securely loaded than in a curtainsider, it means there are no curtains for opportunistic pilferers to slash, therefore obtaining better load security.


Overall length  11.32m (37′ 1”) Overall height  3.88m (12′ 9”) Overall width   2.56m  (8 ‘4”)

Interior box l  8.78m (28′ 8”) Interior box h  2.62m   (8′ 6”) Interior box w  2.43m   (8′ 0”)

Interior width at doors 2.32m (7′ 7”)  Interior height at doors  2.41m  (7’11”)

Box interior area  55.89 cu m  (1974 cu ft)

Vehicle gross weight  18000 kg

Vehicle payload  9500 kg


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